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Large Events at Sugarland Gardens:

Hosting all-inclusive events or regular fetes at Sugarland Gardens makes lots of sense. We are also a great space for tea parties and pretty much any event where you wish to celebrate in style. With lots of room on the huge lawn plus no neighbours nearby, your patrons can party in style either on the lawn or decked areas or both. A fully decked 30 x 90 tent creates the perfect space for your food and beverage service since you don't have the additional costs associated with the setup of these critical areas. Lots of infrastructure is available to outfit your party. From dance floors to tents lighting etc. Contact us today 246 435 9264


Our venue has two large event spaces, the Jazz Courtyard, is paved and can hold in excess of 1000 people standing. The lower lawn is over twice the size of the Courtyard. Above you can see a dance floor set on the lawn and below the courtyard was used as a food court.

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The right party space

Our recent upgrades make Sugarland Gardens perfect for  large party events. The large lawn gives options for layout of stage and dancefloor and the fully decked 30 x 90 tent on the perimeter of the lawn is perfect for your food and beverage service or your VIP lounge. Our large events packages can be discussed with our office to determine your requirements.

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